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Agriculture Programs

Programs educate farmers and homeowners and other agricultural and horticultural producers on the latest management practices needed to solve problems and improve production and marketing. Programs also help Tennesseans protect the environment and improve the management, marketing and use of natural resources.

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The Johnson County Extension Office offers a wide variety of programs for both farmers and homeowners. Due to the climate and topography of the land a large portion of our farms are suited for raising forages which supports the livestock industry. Services offered to the public include soil and forage testing, pesticide certification, plant, pest and disease analysis, and free publications on numerous agricultural enterprises. Johnson County Extension offers opportunities for clientele to attend classes, workshops and field day 
demonstrations at different times during the year on the county, regional, and state level. For information or assistance feel free to contact us through e-mail or call the office at (423) 727-8161.

Listed below are programs offered through the Johnson County Extension. For more detailed information about the program contact the person listed with the program or the Johnson County Extension Office.

Beef Cattle Programs

The Advanced Master Beef Producer Program is an educational program designed to provide information to Tennessee cow-calf producers to help them be the very best in the country by improving their profitability and position in the industry to be competitive with other states.  Producers who complete the program qualify for 50% cost share in the Tennessee Agriculture Enhancement Program to improve livestock handling facilities, genetics, hay storage, feed storage and grain storage.

Producers can learn about the vital importance of injection site selection, proper injection techniques and see the results of improper injection techniques. Record keeping will be stressed because it helps producers track their costs and also provides a documented paper trail to prove to your buyers what treatments your calves have had. Proper cattle handling to reduce stress and bruises will also be emphasized. By establishing the BQA Certified program, we are opening up a market outlet for those progressive cattleman who become “certified”.

A cooperative effort between the Johnson County Livestock Association, UT Extension and the Chamber of Commerce, the cattle handling facility was built in 2007 to assist local beef cattle producers in marketing.  The facility which is located at the Chamber of Commerce Park on Hwy 67W contains a set of scales for weighing cattle, a squeeze chute for working cattle, pens for sorting cattle and a loading chute for loading out tractor-trailer loads of cattle.  This facility is used by local beef cattle producers to market their cattle through video sales conducted by the Tennessee Livestock Producers.  This facility also allows for trading of cattle between local farmers to aid in improving herd genetics through bull and replacement heifer sales.  Through improved genetics, source and age verification and marketing efforts local farmers will realize additional income from their beef cattle enterprise. Other uses of this facility include educational classes and clinics offered through the University of Tennessee Extension and Chamber of Commerce events.

UT-Johnson County Extension, Keywood Animal Clinic, Tri-State Growers Coop, Merial & Novartis Animal Health partner together to offer a BSE clinic annually in March for producers to test their herd sires prior to the breeding season.   For more information or to schedule an appointment to bring your bull(s) to be tested at the clinic, call the Extension office.

The Johnson County Livestock Association has been in existence since 1964.  The purpose of the association is to enable livestock producers in Johnson County to work together in developing and conducting programs of interest and importance to the livestock industry.  They are affiliated with the Tennessee Cattleman’s Association in order to coordinate their efforts with livestock producers in other counties.  For more information on how you can become involved with this organization, contact President Terry Snyder at (423) 471-1124 or e-mail: terry.snyder6@yahoo.com

UT Extension offers soil & forage testing service at the state lab in Nashville. You may obtain a kit and instructions at the Extension office. Basic soil tests for pH, phosphorous and potash are $15.00 and forage tests are $17.00. Additional charges apply when testing for minor nutrients.

​Plant Science & Entomology

UT Extension offers soil & forage testing service at the state lab in Nashville. You may obtain a kit and instructions at the Extension office. Basic soil tests for pH, phosphorous and potash are $15.00 and forage tests are $17.00. Additional charges apply when testing for minor nutrients. ​

UT Extension will assist in disease and insect identification through distance diagnostics. Bring your specimen by the Extension office or send us a digital image of the pest and we will submit it to our lab in Nashville for diagnosis. If a physical specimen is required at the lab a minimal charge will be assessed. Visit or call the office for more details. ​

Private Applicator Pesticide certification classes are conducted in the office on as as needed basis. Initial certification fees are $75.00 and will allow the user to purchase restricted use pesticides. Call for an appointment to schedule a time for the certification class. We can also assist you with information on Commercial Pesticide Certification. 

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